Research Process

Our mission at Negawatt Research is to leverage our green building industry expertise to produce unbiased research and analysis that provides immediate actionable value to our clients.  We help your company to effectively manage and mitigate the risks inherent in designing, constructing and operating a green building, in order to save costs and to maximize your return on investment.

To successfully accomplish this goal, Negawatt's team of researchers relies on a combination of quantitative and qualitative sources of market data and intelligence:
  • Proprietary analytical framework:  We have specially designed our Green Risk Strategy framework to analyze each green building strategy across a variety of risk parameters, including Financial Risk, Regulatory Risk, and Technology Risk.  As a result, our Green Risk Strategy framework provides the most holistic assessment available of the true lifecycle risks and opportunites associates with each green building decision.
  • Proprietary databases and forecasting models:  Through our in-house databases, we evaluate the lifecycle cost implications of various green building strategies and technologies.  In addition, our proprietary forecasting models allow us to analyze long-term contingency scenarios based upon future energy prices, carbon regulation, and technology cost curves.
  • Broad network of industry relationships:  Trust and candor are crucial to our business success.  By constantly keeping these principles paramount, we have amassed a strong network of relationships with key decision-makers across the global green building industry - an invaluable resource for the latest best practices, market trends, intelligence and data.
  • On-going policy tracking and analysis:  Given the rapid rate of global development of building codes, policies and incentives at all levels of government, a key component of Negawatt's research involves the on-going analysis of pending rules and regulations that will have a material impact on green building risk management strategies.
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