Green Building Risk Management

Negawatt Research has designed our Green Building Risk Management Advisory Service to funnel the vast amount of global green building data and intelligence into ready-to-implement strategies that will help your company to maximize cost savings and minimize risk.

On an on-going basis throughout the year, we use our Green Risk Strategy framework to analyze the latest risk mitigation best practices in green building design, construction, operations and financing.  Each report focuses on one strategy and examines the lifecycle Regulatory, Technological, and Financial Risks that building stakeholders must manage within that strategy area.  Each report also includes project and company case studies that highlight global best practices.

Full access to our Green Building Risk Management Advisory Service is available to Negawatt clients who have purchased an annual subscription.  Registered users who are not Negawatt Advisory clients may access the sample research below that is labeled for Free Download.

For more information on purchasing a subscription to Negawatt's Green Building Risk Management Advisory Service, please call +1 (650) 400-7768 or e-mail