Advisory Services

The world of commercial real estate is on the cusp of dramatic change.  Cities across North America are adopting mandatory green building codes, implementing building energy performance benchmarking, and laying the foundation for the long-term regulation of greenhouse gases.

  • As a result of these changes, every decision about how a building is designed, constructed and operated now has a lifecycle green risk profile, representing the building’s long-term risk exposure to factors such as changing environmental regulations, volatile energy costs, new technology performance, and tenant satisfaction.
  • Significant cost savings are available to those companies that deeply understand both their building project’s lifecycle green risk exposure and the global best practices available to mitigate such risks. 

Negawatt Research specializes in helping companies design and implement their Green Risk Strategy (GRS).  Leveraging our proprietary framework, we provide your company with the tools necessary to save money, mitigate risk, and strengthen your brand in commercial real estate.

The Negawatt Research Green Building Risk Management Advisory Service provides unparalleled risk mitigation strategy support to companies throughout the green building value chain.  

To access available research within our Green Building Risk Management Advisory Service, please click on the link below.  For information on purchasing an annual subscription to our Advisory Service, please call +1 (650) 400-7768 or e-mail